Miriam always knew something wasn’t quite right with her life, but it isn’t until a clash with the supernatural that she discovers her entire existence is built upon lies. Now two magical beings are promising the truth. One problem: Only one version is correct and each insists the other will bring her destruction.

When Miriam discovers secrets that can destroy her husband’s political campaign, she finds the strength to escape his abuse and seek her true and magical birthright. But he refuses to lose his wife so easily, and will hunt her down to assure his secrets are never exposed.

Dark Ember, Book 2 in The Darkshine Series, is now available!

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Copyright 2018 R.D. Vallier


The last thing Miriam wants is another marriage, but committing to the magic needed to save Earth means committing to a man hiding a dark, disturbing past. Avoiding her birthright, however, might also kill her. That is, if the fae taletellers can be believed.

When an opportunity arises to strike the Realm’s oppression, Miriam knows the only chance for success is if faerie rebels and darklings unite. Unfortunately, the darklings have other ideas about how to save themselves. Can she bridge the opposing groups, or will the darklings’ agenda destroy everyone’s shot at freedom?